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MaryAnn Molloy

I have had a passion for dance my entire life. I first took ballroom lessons by myself when I was 40. That didn't last long because I had no one to dance with. When I was 50 I convinced my husband at the time to take lessons. We quickly became addicted and were dancing  three times a week and even did some showcases. Fast forward to the next decade and at 60 I became a certified professional ballroom instructor with Arthur Murray. I taught under a great mentor with a studio in Raleigh, NC for a couple years. My specialty is working with baby boomers, people with two left feet and wedding couples.


Here's the thing about taking lessons with me. Although the dance is based on traditional ballroom my approach is threefold. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Life Coach and a Ballroom Instructor, yes I'm a triple threat :) I blend the mind and body together to teach you not just to dance. I help you learn or remember how to have FUN!  

The other component is being able to dance anywhere with any music. Ballroom is a great foundation to use anywhere. I strongly believe our bodies are made to keep moving and our minds are meant to keep expanding. That's 

how you get to experience life to its fullest!

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