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Couples Dancing

Coming Soon:
Young @ Heart Day Dancing Club

Does your mind think it’s 25 but your body knows better? Our specialty is people over 50 who want to keep moving and have fun all while being safe. I have over 20 years of fitness background specializing in older adults combined with my ballroom dance experience.  

We are offering an experience like no other. We can dance, have fun, get fit and most importantly socialize! 

These dance and fitness classes are designed with you in mind. The music, the moves and yes, the instructor knows how it feels to have a “young” mind with a body that needs to respond differently. 

You can choose from a drop in or if you really want to “join the club” choose your monthly options. 

There are three monthly options; one includes a monthly lunch outing! 

 We are a private boutique studio intentionally keeping our class size to a limited amount. Drop-ins are allowed if we have capacity. 

This pilot schedule is subject to change with your input. 


We may add some local excursions as well depending on the group’s interest.  

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