Dancing Salsa

Available Services

Private Lessons

Do you have a special occasion like an anniversary or a cruise?

Let's make even more special and magical by adding dance!

If you would rather learn dance in private, that's great! We can do that.  LEARN MORE

Life Coaching Workshops/Events

As a Certified life Coach  and personal trainer I can offer workshops on mindset & motivation, accountability, visionboards and more. We also have other  customized wellness services working with our strategic partners.

Group Lessons

Intentionally small groups offer personalized instruction, less cost more socializing. Yes, we encourage switching partners ("sanitize & switch). It's encouraged but not required. 


Specialty Classes

Stay tuned for a variety of dance and fitness classes for adults. We are made to keep moving. We'll vary from  adult hip-hop, Ballroom fitness, or to my proprietary progams such as Body Poetry and Boomerboxing. 

Wedding Dance

Let's customize a special dance that shows the world your love through song and dance. 


Personal Training

With over 20 years in the fitness field as a certified personal trainer, we offer personal training specializing in women over 40.

Custom Progams

We can customize events involving dance and music based on your time and budget. If you can think it we can make the moves happen. 

Floor Rental/Practice Space

Need a place to practice your own dance or movement? Have your own following of students but need a location? Want a private, intimate function space? Maybe can help. 

Team Building/Company Event

Need a morale boost when you're back in the office or a getaway from the office? We can integrate dance and life coaching to offer a unique and custom employee wellness experience. Ask us how.