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Do I need a partner?

No not at all? Whether in a group or private lessons many people take lessons by themselves. The instructor(s) and if in a group, the students are all the for the same reason--to learn to dance. We all help each other.

What type of shoes do I wear?

Men's shoes preferably with leather bottom soles. No need to buy dance shoes just yet. There are some dance shoes that are quite comfortable and even look like sneakers. 

Women a good shoe with flexibility and a smaller heel at first. No open toes--even the best dancers and instructors are human and may step on your toes. 

What type of clothing do I wear?

For practice both private and small group it's important to be comfortable and to move easily. Casual is fine, unless it's a special  occasion or theme where we will make some recommendations.

What if my partner and I have different abilities?

That's okay. A good instructor can accommodate different levels. Just remember, there's only ONE instructor!

Where am I going to ballroom dance? Can I do it at a club?

It depends on why you're learning to begin with. Some people have a specific end-game--an anniversary, a wedding or a cruise. Some people have just "always wanted to learn ballroom". We probably have "Dancing with the Stars" to thank for that. The thing about ballroom is it gives you the skills AND confidence to dance anywhere. At Real Word Ballroom we want you to enyoy dancing (all kinds, all places). So, maybe it's your kitchen or a party or a wedding (think Waltz or Foxtrot) or maybe even someday a competition. The real question is where can't you dance? At many of the clubs some of the dances we teach are easily applicable: hustle, club swing, etc. Many dance studios offer regular social dance opportunities as well. Think date night! 

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