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Our Team.

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Jeremy Bennett

Hi! I'm Jeremy, a native of Thomasville, NC, and I've been dancing in the social scene since 2013. Most of my dance time is dedicated to Swing and Lindy Hop, with some splashes of Balboa, Charleston, and a few other partner dances.


Otherwise, I spend some time playing piano and finding a dance or two to swing out to every month. I'd love to chat about dance and help you on your dancing journey!

Adina Harper

Adina Harper began her American style Ballroom and Rhythm training in 1997 and quickly fell in love with dancing. In 2000, she broadened her training to encompass International Standard and Latin, and soon began performing in shows and competing throughout the region.  


She began instructing the Social Dance program at Wake Forest University in 2012. In March 2023, she had the opportunity to receive coaching at Scuola di Ballo Mantese in Santorso VI, Italy in order to continually strengthen her skills in Standard and Latin dances.


Raj Kapileshwari

Meet Raj, the dance aficionado whose journey began three decades ago at the University of Texas at Austin. While exploring the salsa, swing, and ballroom styles, Raj found his passion in the Argentine Tango. Raj aims to build a warm tango community in the Triad, forging deep connections and fostering joy. Beyond the floor, Raj sees dance as a holistic health approach, advocating for its physical and mental benefits. Join Raj for the magic of movement and discover profound partner connections on the dance floor—a celebration of life's vibrant symphony.

Doug Ferreri

Doug Ferrari's dance journey started as a quest to impress at an upcoming wedding, but he ended up getting tangled in the world of dance as an instructor at Fred Astaire for five fabulous years.

In a plot twist, Doug faced a setback with a broken ankle but spun it into an opportunity. Taking on dance again as  rehab, he waltzed to Real World Ballroom, proving that no broken ankle could keep him from grooving. 

Doug isn't just an instructor; he's the architect of dance success stories. He consistently graced the top spots in both regional and national competitions, and his students have mastered the art of dance at every ability level.

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