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Our Team.

David Alonzo

DavidAlonzo photo_edited.png

Hi, my name is David, I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you! A little about me a U.S Navy Veteran and UNCW Alumni (Go Seahawks)! My friends who have known me through the years know me as the guy who can’t stop dancing. Either land, sea, and air if there was (or wasn’t) music I was dancing. Even now as I type this I’m blasting music practicing what I know!


Dancing has been a part of my life since I can remember. My first lesson was back in 6th grade. The school was having Salsa lessons and my mom signed me up. Now at that time I hated that she entered me into those lessons. Coming from a Puerto Rican family I figured I knew all I needed to know of salsa, so I was upset that I had to go. Soon I would figure out that I knew nothing of the dance and I ended up learning the foundation that I still use to this day to expand my skills.


 I love all forms of dance but some of my favorites have got to be Salsa, Bachata, and the Cha- Cha!


I just want to take this space to thank MaryAnn for this opportunity. She is an incredible woman who Is so passionate about dance! I could not find myself a better mentor and friend. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity to spread the joy of dance! I can’t describe what dance has done for life, not to sound sad but I don’t believe I’d still be here if it wasn’t for dance. Instead of drowning sorrows in what everyone else was doing, I chose to dance away all my worries. I just hope that I’m able to inspire you all with the power of dancing.

Eleanor Shafer

I started dancing at the age of fourteen I have continued to dance in competitive Ballroom Dance competitions for 10 years with Fred Astaire Greensboro. I was the first student  from my studio to compete and dance in all styles of Latin, Rhythm, Smooth, Standard, and Nightclub. I have repeatedly held successful spots in national and regional competitions in ten dance championships in Fred Astaire and enjoy the atmosphere that comes with it. In my spare time I enjoy video games and being around my two beautiful pets Tsara and May (my kitten and dog) and spend time with my family.  


Jeremy Bennett

Hi! I'm Jeremy, a native of Thomasville, NC, and I've been dancing in the social scene since 2013. Most of my dance time is dedicated to Swing and Lindy Hop, with some splashes of Balboa, Charleston, and a few other partner dances.


Otherwise, I spend some time playing piano and finding a dance or two to swing out to every month. I'd love to chat about dance and help you on your dancing journey!

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