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Group Classes

We're starting with a 6 week session of Basic Ballroom and will add on as we and you grow!

WEEK 1 Ballroom Basics


Foundations of dance, Exploring core concepts and beginning to move. Each week you will learn basics of one dance while practicing and building on the others. 

WEEK 2 Waltz

Week 3  Rumba

WEEK 4 Cha Cha


Week 5  Foxtrot


WEEK 6 East Coast Swing


Private Lessons By Appt. 



Let's customize a special dance that shows the world your love through song and dance.  Depending on your time and budget we can do this in 1-3 lessons




Is this a big one for you and you're having a celebration or going on a cruise? Let's make even more special and magical by adding dance!




If you would rather learn dance in private, that's great! We can do that. In the privacy of your home, my in home studio or in our studio location .  Rates for your home or my studio will vary by frequency, location and time. I'll do my best to accommodate YOUR specific need. 

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