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Why Your Wedding Dance is So Important!

Updated: Jul 1

I love working with wedding couples! As a dance instructor, I selfishly wish those excited, harried, stressed, and madly-in-love couples might slow down a bit and enjoy the journey. One easy and fun way to do this is by focusing on their first dance. It’s one area amidst all the planning madness where they can actually have fun, take full control, and really make it their own. It’s their time to shine and show the world (and all those aunts and uncles they didn’t know they had) how perfect they are for each other.

Often, I see couples putting their first dance on the back burner. It’s the one thing you can’t hand off to a well-intended relative or a wedding planner. You have to take the time to do it yourself. So, how about you give yourself the gift of that time?

Dancing together will add some much-needed routine (if you go regularly), exercise to boost your stamina for the big day, and some real fun!

Now, let me get to the point of its real importance, in my humble opinion and yes, experience: If you want your wedding to be memorable for you AND your guests, your first dance is the way to do it. Sure, people will talk about the dress, the handsome groom, the delicious food, and the lovely setting. But what they will remember in that moment, and moments after, is how you made them feel. That first dance focuses on you and your obvious love for each other, of course. From an attendee's perspective, whether it be a friend, a colleague, your favorite aunt, or a parent, what they see is LOVE. They see two people gliding on the floor like no one else exists, without a care in the world except that present moment, swirling and gazing into each other’s eyes. What they feel is romance and hope that love may come for them or memories of their current or past love. What they feel in that moment is what your wedding dance is all about and what they will remember.

So, go take those lessons—and sooner rather than later! Your family and friends will remember your wedding day and how they felt long after because they saw love in real time floating on the dance floor!

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