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Class Series

Soft Shoe Tap & Fit Dance

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Darryl and Sharon Hammill have been dancing since they were little kids back in New Orleans. Long before they were ballroom dance partners - they were students in traditional dance studios in New Orleans - where they learned tap, jazz, and ballet. Now - in Winston-Salem - they are ready to help you lean some tap dancing moves and patterns - and help you get a nice cardio workout. NO partner required. Solo dancing opportunity and great workout!

NO TAP SHOES. Where shoes that you can slide in but not slip--dance shoes, leather soles etc.

MONDAYS beginning 9/12 @6:30pm

$89 for 6 wk series
$15 Drop In Fee
Founding Member discount applies

 Argentine Tango

Here's your chance to learn Argentine Tango and/or improve on what you already know! After classes--stay for Practica

7:30 pm Beginner II (some experience in Argentine Tango) Beginner/Intermediate level

8:15 Beginner I --new to Argentine Tango

9:00 Practica--stay and dance and practice---all levels welcome

NOTE: If you are in Beginner II class you may also attend Beginner I

Beginner I may not attend Beginner II

ALL are welcome to stay for Practica at not additional fee.

No Partner Required

MONDAYS Beginning 9/12

$59 for six week series if paid in advance (by 9/11) Enroll day of $72 for series
Drop In $15

If you indicate "GOING" you'll be sent a link with payment options to officially register.

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Gold N' Gems Creative Expressions 

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Gold’n’Gems dance class is designed for women 50 and older who would like to combine expressive movement with cultural exploration. It is low impact and no dance experience is necessary.
We will focus on Mediterranean/Middle Eastern, modern Hula, and Latin dance steps and movements for increased coordination, grace and fitness. These dances are ideal for gently moving many muscles and joints and keeping one flexible into advanced age. They allow individual artistic expression as one learns to use the body to various types of music. Each class will include a brief warm up and cool down. There is no choreography or partner dancing. Some dance combinations for each style may be included for an optional memory challenge. A three yards veil of silky or sheer fabric is suggested, but optional. Each person will work within their body limitations in a supportive and welcoming environment.

THURSDAYS starting 9/15 11a.m.

Enroll until 9/14   $59 for 6 wk series
as of 9/15  $72 for 6 wk series
Drop in $15

minimum # of participants 6
maximum # 12

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